Arfa Farooqi

The writer is Corporate Trainer and HR consultant


Life is abundant, and beautiful. In life, we should focus on the possibilities for getting a success and happiness, but not on the prospective of failure. One and all know the sense of struggling to get and stay focused on the things to be successful in different set domains or newly fashioned areas.

Focus is too vital as it is a doorway to all rational thinking: insight, commemoration, and wisdom, problem resolving, judging, and doing decisions. It is considered as a fundamental to success and delightfulness in life. Mostly, the successful people are highly focused on their goals. They do the things effectively by focusing on their goals. This thing reflects that they are completely involved in some particular actions being done to accomplish certain set goals. Focus is an aptitude to develop someone’s concentration and cognizance on the specific work up until it gets the wanted outcomes. It contains directing all the energy and attentiveness to a particular task or assignment, either long-standing or temporary task, and continuing in the same state till the execution of a task.

Focus needs full dedication to one’s objective or aim. If some sort of interruptions come in the way of action, then focus plays its role as a tool to overcome the complications. Due to single-mindedness or the strategy of focusing on the things, we can attain nearly everything in life, as far as our focus on the decided things is concerned. On this simple concept, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan even composed a whole book. By appearance, this idea looks so simple, but literally it is too challenging to get implemented in life practically .

There is a created assumption about this simple idea that one should focus only on one thing in life. But, in different time frames in life, I believe that one can achieve so many things and can take so many working steps under the crown of some set goals to pursue everything what he wants in life. For example, at the same time, one can’t; shape a line of business, participate in a long-distance race of life, use pen to paper for composing a book, invest in the field of business, have children, and visit all the countries of the world, but all these things can be possibly done with the passage of time. What to achieve first should be more focused than the things having the second priority or the third one, and so on. I have a proper plan for focusing on different things as per my major and minor priorities are concerned. I consider my life into different categories, as; occupation, career or lifework, fitness and health, learning with earning, and maintaining relations and such other affairs.

So, while being attentive, one must focus on one major project or task at one time. The mentioned categories are according to my perspective about life, but you can categorize the things the ways you want. What worries is that we should know to categorize the things in our own lives. If not, there’s no customary and established arrangement. When no established structure is there, there is confusion. At the time when there’s confusion then there is chaos which is bad.

Guidelines to develop a mental focus

  • Take a start by evaluating how durable your psychological and mental attention is at present.
  • Avoid interruptions or diversions, and focus on your task.
  • Your mental focus should be on single thing or a task at one time.
  • Stay mentally focused on your single task by living in the present moment.
  • Learn how to be more focused on the things and mediate along with activating mindfulness.
  • Not to get irritated or tired, and to get improved your mental focus, take brief breaks while doing the same thing for a time-consuming period.
  • Build your mental focus and keep working to make stronger your attention power.

In short, focus is the blessing of God which defines your destination and a success. Instead of focusing on the hindrances, always remember to focus on your work and productive results to fulfill your set goals.

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