Teacher-student relationship: paramount for excellence in learning

Arfa Farooqi

The writer is Corporate Trainer and HR consultant

A prodigious teacher is one who is remembered and cherished by the students forever. He has enduring effects on students’ lives because a great teacher inspires students towards greatness. A successful teacher has expert communication and superior listening skills, deep knowledge and passion for the subject, the ability to build caring relationships with students through motivational talk, and responsiveness. Besides, a great educator always owns sense of humour, kindness, patience, class management abilities and the multitask abilities.

Initially, the communication skills of a teacher create his strong relationship with the students having ever lasting impact on their academic and moral development or success. Teachers who have durable ties with their students have been revealed to be more effective in their teaching roles. When students view their teachers as a partner rather than an opponent, they are more built-up to learning. In addition to this, this can turn classrooms into a cooperative setting where pupils can be more willing to listen to both the teacher and each other. Students develop confidence to experiment and succeed in an environment where they are not restricted by the fear of failure. This effect is created with the inspiring communication skills of a teacher, as dialogues.

Dialogues between teachers and students play the unique role of relationship builder because when interchange is to be occurred between students and teacher then pupils start taking keen interest what is being said. Seemingly, in this situation, teacher also has active listening that shows his genuine interest in what the students ask or say. Furthermore, when a student recognizes that a teacher truly wants the best for him at that time he is willing to try harder in the class room. By having a strong linking with the students, a teacher can assist students recognize the value of hard work. A teacher can then starts work on different areas of the students, as; self-discipline, emotional growth, academic growth, physical growth, and spiritual growth. The research highlights the need to ensure the child is being taught by highly trained, highly motivated teachers who are aware of the impact they have – not just on the kid’s test scores, but also on his overall development inside and outside the classroom.

In addition, a teacher always gives the students deep knowledge and the wisdom of knowledge because of the clear objectives for lessons and a subject. Having high expectations from the students, a great tutor works too hard with enthusiasm for the subject matter he is teaching. Not only this, with classroom management skills a great teacher is practical, sensible, loving, caring and persistent one. To Scales (1991), when students form close and caring relationships with their teachers, they are fulfilling their developmental need for a connection with others and a sense of belonging in society. To Gillepspie (2002), the inherent qualities of a student-teacher relationship (caring, knowing, trust and mutual respect) and a teacher’s rapport with students resulted in a classroom environment were affirmed and supported to achieve their best.

In conclusion, it can be stated that a great teacher is always engaging and keeps the attention of the students in sort of discussion because a teacher creates an enjoyable learning environment that encourages student attendance and participation. Finally, a good educator not only gives information and knowledge to the students, but also infotainment.


The writer is Corporate Trainer and HR consultant


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